About Us

OD Charm Collection LLC is an accessories boutique who has the antidote for your shopping addiction. OD is shortened for overdosed, which affiliates with medical terminology, and charm symbolizes the integrated styles from the fashion world.
OD Charm was established by two sisters (Dan & Shan) with a fashion sense for accessorizing a wardrobe. Dan has a sassy and captivating style, but Shan has more of an outré, but outlandish look. We always dreamt of owning a business as teenagers and shared goals of pursuing a medical degree. As the world continues to evolve, we couldn’t let our dreams dissipate. We decided to merge our styles and showcase to the world, by handpicking fashionable pieces.
We are a small business based in the Sunshine State, also known as Florida, with hopes of expanding. We collaborate with worldwide vendors to provide our lovely shoppers with the latest, trendiest and exclusive items.  Our goal is to make sure our customers are highly satisfied with their purchase by ensuring items are stylish and affordable.

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